Hideout – Daily Prompt

So this is apparently a way for bloggers to be inspired. A daily word provided, see what comes out. I like it.

My first impression of a hideout is a place where old school gangsters would go to ground. A literal interpretation, I know.

Think the Dillinger gang, think Bonnie and Clyde, think Pretty Boy Floyd. Depression era criminals.  Hiding from the G men, constantly on the run. Never sure who they can trust, lurking in the shadows, continually on alert. I’ve read some interesting short fictional stories about these characters, as well as a lot of historical accounts.

In some ways, they seem so romantic but I think reality would be slightly different, no?  Were they cold blooded predators or victims of their time? Maybe both.  Definitely tragic figures.  And they all came to pretty rough ends. They live on though. They endure.

via Daily Prompt: Hideout

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