Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end

Well we did it.  We are official residents of Virginia.  For the first time in 25 years I have a Virginia drivers license. My cars are registered in Virginia. My house is in Virginia. My life is in Virginia.

It’s been awhile since I blogged. There’s a few reasons why I stopped. 1) I was overwhelmed from the simultaneous house closings and the move 2) I was slow to adjust to the realities of my new life and 3) I was sick for about 3 weeks straight with the most vicious cold I’ve ever had in my life.  I believe it was the two continuous months of stress taking a physical form. Do you know what it’s like to not taste or smell anything? Miserable.  The only up side was the few pounds I lost due to having zero interest in food – which of course have now come back since I regained my sense of taste. The other thing I lost, which was even more traumatizing, was my voice.  At first it was all gone. Now it’s my upper register which seems to be slowly coming back – too slowly for my tastes – but it’s coming. As someone who has spent most of her life singing, to not have a voice was very scary. Thank goodness it’s back, just need to get it back into shape.

So, the move.  Where do I begin…should it be with the movers in South Florida? One who looked like Dave Chappelle’s cousin; one whose dreads covered his face and the only indication he was actually alive behind the hair was the continuous thumping bass beat from the ear buds buried in the mass; and one who lost his keys.  Lost. His. Keys.  And swore that one of the other movers had dropped them in the 26′ truck.  That was completely packed from front to back and top to bottom. And who determined that the only way to find them would be to unpack the truck.

We also didn’t have the car trailer yet because it wasn’t delivered to the store on time so we had to go BACK to Boca to pick it up on the way out, thus adding to the delay. Of course this was also after the dog, who we had put in his crate to keep him out of the way flipped his lid and worked himself into such a frenzy that he both puked AND had diarrhea all over the crate. With the hoses and towels and everything else packed. By the time we got him cleaned up, the keys found and the trailer picked up we were two hours behind schedule leaving at 2 pm and still had to get past Savannah to the pet friendly hotel – seven hours away. Boy that was a fun day.

This saga will need to be split into multiple parts. And we aren’t even to GA yet! So stay tuned…



Waiting is the hardest thing

Wait – “Used to indicate that one is eagerly impatient to do something or for something to happen.”

I feel so helpless because all I can do is wait. Wait for things to happen outside of my control. Wait for the inspection period to end on the house I’m selling in Florida. Wait for the inspections to be completed on the house I’m buying in Virginia.  Wait for closings. Wait for time to move. Wait for new job to start. Wait.

Its ironic really. For me, the advocate of a return to gentler times. Who idealizes the past. Who espouses the virtues of times gone by and bemoans the fast paced technology of today. Right? I mean, let’s think about the concept of waiting in the past.

it could take weeks for a simple transaction to be completed. No emails. No internet. No phones even. No immediate answers available. Type a contract. Put it in the mail. Let’s assume the mail even arrives safely and doesn’t get lost on the trip. The stagecoach doesn’t wreck, get robbed, the driver doesn’t get sick or get attacked on the trail and important papers get lost forever. Think about the woman or mother waiting to hear from her loved one away at war. Again, weeks, months, even years could go by with no word. All she can do is wait.

And I get it. I do. I fully recognize the conundrum of being so reliant on the very technology I claim to despise. Although in this situation, technology can only help so much.  Yes, reports can be assembled much easier on a computer and emailed in seconds  but that doesn’t alleviate contractual waiting periods.  That doesn’t mean we move forward any faster.

I get it. I am at the mercy of time. And time can be a hard master. I get that I am not in control here.  I get it. But it doesn’t make the wait it any easier.